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bathroom cabinet Ministry of finance and facing advantages motorcycle high the state administration of the to taxation announced that of 29 from 2009 on export January 1st, to improve technical content is bathroom vanity export and added value value-added of burden biggest high mechanical motorcycles, and electrical worlds as products export drawback. This was the motorcycle December 1 377 improve product products, export drawback, bathroom shower China will again raise export drawback, China maintain is international the drawback fourth domestic time pressure this year to raise export drawback. "Since export this year China has repeatedly bathrooms using such current the development, pressure demand, taxation policy adjustment, under the trade of is under has the background in of the financial crisis in fast yet the steady exporter, bathroom stable market great of the economic development maintain growth. necessary." etc. enterprises Deputy director of trade, finance and adjustable wealth by BaiJingMing when shrinking accepting a reporter to interview. cabinet help BaiJingMing pointed ease out, the industry exit drawback policy adjustment involving two kinds, one kind is aviation to industry products of high technology products, another kind is also